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Chuck Jantzi on Psychology

Chuck Jantzi is a professor of psychology at Messiah University. He has spent much of his career involved in counselling and therapy. He shares stories from his experience and what he has learned along the way. The conversation was recorded on January 15, 2021.


Rolin Martin on Running

No guest on today’s episode. I talk about how I picked up the hobby of running, share a few stories from my experience, and give a few tips from my experience.


Looking Ahead to 2021

Happy New Year! I talk a little about what I am planning for the Everyday Expertise Podcast in 2021 and share a few thoughts on setting goals.


Joe Ritsma on Math Tutoring

Joe Ritsma owns and operates a Mathnasium franchise where he focuses on helping students from grades 2-12 develop their math skills. He shares how he began his business and we talk about important math skills and concepts and techniques that that are useful for math tutoring. The conversation was recorded


About the Podcast

I love asking people about what they do and listening to what they have to say. Everyone has a unique perspective that comes from their individual experience. I intend to learn as much as I can from each of the guests I interview. I plan to share these conversations in order to raise your awareness, grow your world, and enrich your own experience.

Conversations are not meant to be short. They need room for stories, questions, tangents, and depth. Each episode will give the guest time to tell their stories, give advice, and teach us what they have learned from their experience.

Everyone we meet has something to teach us. My goal is that the Everyday Expertise podcast will be a medium for learning from the expertise of everyday people.

Rolin Martin

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